The children's department in Mountain Movers Chapel International is the department that caters for the needs of the children in the Church. This department is divided into three streams, 0-5, 6-9 and 10-15 years. Teachers from within the Church who have been provided with certificates from the Criminal Records Bureau are employed to be in charge. Crèche facilities are provided for the babies and food and toys made available to make them happy and concentrate on their service. The teachers in this department skillfully impart to the children their first contact with God and the Bible and make sure that an indelible mark of both are left in their minds since this goes a long way in shaping their destiny in life. During occasions like Christmas and Easter the children are made to recite relevant Bible passages, and to act out short sketches to the Church. In short Mountain Movers Chapel International leaves no stone unturned to set the feet of the children on to the all important journey of Christianity.

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